Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zucchini Fritters

I think that zucchini is my favorite vegetable, it's a little bit starchy, but not like a potato, has great flavor, and can be used for a TON of different things.  I've shredded it and put it into burgers, it adds a nice bit of flavor, a ton of moisture, and it bulks it up, saving money and calories.  I also put it into salads raw and sautee it as a side.  The second picture from the left of the header of this blog is zucchini fries.  And they were GOOD.  However, I think that these zucchini fritters are my favorite preparation.  They are loosely based on the doomed broccoli fritters from March, but it's easier because you don't have to pre-cook the zuch, meaning less ways for me to f it up.  Win all around.

Zucchini Fritters:

2-3 Medium Zucchini/Squash
1 Egg, beaten
1/4 Cup flour
Seasonings of your choice

First, shred the zucchini.  You can definitely use a food processor here, and I often do, but I didn't feel like washing that many more dishes, so I used a regular box grater.  Since the zucchini is fairly soft, this didn't take as long as I had anticipated.

Squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible, then add to a bowl with the flour and seasonings.  I used salt, pepper, and dried thyme, but honestly anything would be good.  Some cheese would be really good, but since I made these on "my brain is being fried by this absurd heat" day, I didn't think of that.  

Now, beat the egg and mix it into the other stuff.  You can use a spoon, but I really think it's better to use your hands.  It doesn't have to be crazy mixed up, just so there aren't big clumps of flour hanging around.  

Make them into patties and put them in a pan.  I set the heat on medium high and added olive oil, but I've done cooking spray before as well and it's fine.  Also, if you wanted to make these appitizer sized, go for it.  Those are super cute.  

Flip them after about 7-9 minutes, when they are crisp on one side.  I actually wish I'd done these a few minutes longer, but they were still fine.

I put goat cheese on top of these and ate them for lunch.  They're also an excellent side dish for dinner or a great snack!  Enjoy.

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