Sunday, June 23, 2013

Superb Sunday

So, work has been NUTS lately, but now it's better, so I feel motivated to do things on the weekend other than sleep.  Although that's still my preferred weekend activity.  Anywho, the interwebs always come through for me with entertaining things to share.

Good news team, in addition to rocking this Presidency thing, he's also funny.  Although, I must say, I'm glad that my parents didn't think of that...awkward. 

Superb Easy Dinner: Quinoa Black Bean Casserole

This looks really good, easy, and healthy.  I should try it sometime soon. 

Superb Cuties: PIGGIES

It's just so freakin CUTE.  I kind of want to get this framed and hang it up somewhere.  Maybe my cube, it needs a face lift. 

Superb Side: Baked Zucchini

I'm pretty sure that my farm box will soon be an zucchini explosion.  I'm pumped because it's my favorite vegetable, but I haven't tried this method.  But stuffing things with cheese and baking them is usually something I'm pretty into. 

Superb Style: Michael Kors Tan Bag

If anyone has a few hundred dollars lying around and wants to make their favorite mediocre blogger very happy, here's a great place to start.

Chocolate and coffee in one convenient package.  Yep. 

Superb House Idea: Hang On Outlet

Wait, there's a solution other than having cords everywhere for you to trip over?  But I thought I was just working on my walking skills....

Well this looks just delightful.  Tea, vodka, peach lemonade -SOLD. 


  1. I love making zucchini "boat" pizzas! So good. I also love it grilled. I grilled it tonight with a bit of salt, pepper, and evoo. Then sprinkled freshly grated parm and a squeeze of lemon. DELISH!

  2. The pizzas are a GREAT idea! Thanks.

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