Thursday, June 13, 2013

Farm Share Update

Guys, I have been eating a lot of greens.  Like a rediculous lot.  And, the weirdest part is that I'm enjoying them.  Last night, I made salmon, sauteed greens, and cheese grits.  I liked the greens the best.  So, I sent the following text message to three of my BFFs:

Me: I just had a dinner in which I liked the veggies more than the carbs.  Who am I? I'm scared.

1) That's awesome
2) Was it fried zucchini?
3) Hahaha oh dear.  Is that Satan I just saw ice skating past my window?

Clearly my friends know me very well.

Here's a picture of the meal, I didn't do step by step pics because I've kind of already covered it.  And it takes extra time to do all that and I was starving.  However, for the greens, I just chopped them and some garlic, added the garlic to the pan with some EVOO and red pepper flakes, added the greens, some vinegar, and salt and then ate.  Really easy, REALLY good.

SO - tomorrow I should have a touch more free time and will post some great things that I've done so far with the farm share.  It's been super busy at work and I'm tired when I get home, so I usually just shove food in my face and go to bed by 10.  I've also been getting up early to exercise.  All kinds of weirdness is happening to me....

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