Sunday, May 26, 2013

Superb Sunday

Hello lovely friends!  It's once again Superb Sunday.  I have big plans for today and tomorrow, making some epic cookies for The Pintester Movement.  I'm also planning to have a vodka rocks and piece of toast in honor of the glorious return of Arrested Development.  And I took Milton on a really long walk.  He chased some geese and was SO HAPPY.  Without further ado, superbness.

Superb Sweet Treat: Pinata Cookies

This is what I'm going to make for the Pintester Movement.  Except mine are going to be flags, for Memorial Day, and probably not as pretty.  Which is sort of the point.  Either way, they're fabulous.

Superb Style: How to Train Yourself to Accessorize

Overall, I feel that most days I look decently put together.  But sometimes accessories allude me.  This is a super helpful article about how to best dress up your existing wardrobe.

Superb Sip: Jello Cups

Well this is just straight up genius.  How fun for a barbecue.  And, less clean up, which is always my goal.

Superb Advice: Believe in Yourself

Superb Carb-a-Holic: Roasted Beet and Garlic Pasta

Well, I've figured out what to do with the beets I got.  Roasted garlic is one of my favorite foods (see also: single, reasons that I am) and let's face it, pink food is superior.

Superb Cutie: Sassy Eeyore

I love that this giant stuffed animal thing manages to have a distinct facial expression.  I love Eeyore (remember, E is the best letter).

Superb App: Herbed Goat Cheese Spread

If you love goat cheese, then you will probably like this.  Also, it seems super simple, for when people just show up and want food.

Superb Helpful Hint: 10 ADD Organizing Strategies for Everyone

Although this is mostly written for those of us who struggle with ADD and the dis-organization that often comes with it, there are good tips for life in here.  Let's face it, ADD or not, we can all use a bit more organization.

Be on the lookout this week for some fun recipes.  I've just started a new/old job, so I'm still figuring out how to balance.  Since I have more to do at work, I have less time for this during the day.  Oh well.  Have a great week!!!


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