Sunday, May 5, 2013

Superb Sunday

Hey look, it's Sunday once again!  How lovely.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and did some fun things.  It's finally fairly consistently nice here in Boston, so weekends are way more fun now.  I went to the Boston New York Food Truck Throwdown yesterday and had some amazing food.  Seriously, if you're local try out Mei Mei, it's so good.  And in NYC, Uncle Gussy's.  Then I went to a birthday party and took some cake.  It was delightful.  Full report on the frosting tomorrow and finished pictures of the cake.  I finally bought an offset spatula, so it was much more nicely iced than past attempts have been.  Also, Milton kind of has a girlfriend now.  Puppy preciousness.  And without further ado, superb things.

Superb Sweet Tooth

Well, this is basically the ultimate in sweet foods, it's a brownie with cookie dough frosting.  My teeth hurt just looking at it, but OMG AMAZING.

Superb DIY

Overall, my apartment is amazing.  However, in the great tradition of rentals, the appliances are a little old and grody.  However, some wall paper on the fridge would totally spruce things up for low cost.  And you can take it with you when you leave, so no one is annoyed (I'm looking at you, Boston area landlords who take every little thing out of the security deposit).

Superb Side

I think I ate a Brussels sprout for the first time about 3 years ago; it just wasn't something we had at home when I was growing up.  But, I tried them and they are delightful.  I personally think the best way to make any vegetables is to roast them.  These maple roasted ones with nuts look especially amazing.  Honestly, the addition of maple syrup is always a good plan.

Superb WTF

I'm actually not a big fan of bloody mary's to begin with; the tomato juice and I aren't really friends.  But this one, with it's 10 appetizer's just absurd.  I mean, I'm sure that there are people who would love this, but ick.  WTF.

Superb Meatless Meal

I eat mostly vegetarian, especially at home.  It's just too much work to make meat for only one.  I'm not into the fake meats though - if I'm going to do it, I'm doing it right.  However, this meatless meatball subs aren't made with faux meat, they're made with mushrooms, and that is something I can totally get behind.  These are vegan, but I'd add cheese (I've yet to find something in this world that can't be improved with the addition of cheese).

Superb Dream House

In my dream world, I have a big big house, with lots and lots of rooms.  Clearly, all of my super fabulous jet setting friends would need a comfortable place to stay on their travels, and what better than these bunk beds with queen beds at the bottom?  Oh who am I kidding, I want a giant guest room so no one has to worry about how they're getting home.  You could cram a bagillion people in here.

Superb Light Lunch

I've always loved quiche.  When I was a kid, that's what I wanted for my special you can have whatever you want today birthday dinner (yea, I was kind of a weird kid).  The tomatoes are amazing roasted, and if they're starting to get kind of wrinkled, roasting them is a great way to save them.  And, say it with me people, goat cheese changes lives.

Superb Precious Pupster

I wonder what Milty would do if I put him in a baby swing?  Probably not sit nicely so I could take a picture, that's for darn sure.

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