Sunday, April 7, 2013

Superb Sunday

Once again, Sunday is upon us.  Which means, superb things that Milton and I have found this week.  I think that his might be a dead something to eat in the yard, so I'll just post mine.  No one needs to see that.

Superb Style

My love of 50's era fashion knows no bounds.  I love this dress, and honestly would wear it now.  Maybe with a little bit of a slimmer skirt (all that tulle is probably hot..), but so cute!

Superb Snack Attack

Oh buffalo chicken, you're the reason I could never be a full vegetarian.  This could probably be made with some form of meat substitute if you definitely don't eat meat.  And I bet it would still be delicious; I mean it's pastry dough wrapped around sauce and cheese, there is no way to go wrong on this.

Superb Reading

This just looks so interesting to me.  It's the history of food, but with emphasis on how we eat.  I can't wait to read it.

I love mint chocolate anything.  Mint Chocolate Chip is actually my favorite ice cream; it' just delicious.  These cupcakes seem amaze, so I'm gonna make them soon. 

Tina and Amy hit the nail on the head once again.  Although it bothers me immensely that women who get things done are referred to as "bitches" and men who get things done are just getting things done, they're right.  Stand up for yourself, do your thing, be awesome.  And if someone calls you a bitch, take is as a compliment.  

These roasted veg enchiladas look awesome and lighter than what you usually have in a Mexican feast. 

Superb Silly 

It's true.  Get up, go look.  Check all the trees.  Also, keep your shoes, you'll need them to help his @$$ out the tree. 

This article has info on how to chop just about anything.  It's a great reference for when you're not entirely sure that you're doing something efficiently.


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