Friday, April 12, 2013

Snack Attack

I am a horrible snacker.  I wouldn't say that I eat too many snacks, but the ones that I do are huge.  Honestly, they're more like mini-meals.  I'm pretty sure a sandwich is a meal, not a snack.  Unless you're me, in which case, let's just add some chips and make a day of it.  But I do think that snacks are really important; I know that if I get too hungry I become unpleasant and I eat a ton of crap at the first available moment.  Not cool.  So, without further ado, here are some delicious snacks to keep you going between meals.  As a bonus, they're pretty healthy (aka stuff I used to eat when I did Weight Watchers) and easily packable for work. 

1) Avocado and Cottage Cheese:  I know that this might be controversial, apparently people have extremely strong feelings about cottage cheese.  But I'm firmly on team "this ish is delish".  This snack is a little more substantial, so I'm not crazy hungry again in like 2 seconds, and it's healthy.  I prefer the low fat cottage cheese, the fat free is weird and gross to me.  Sprinkle a little salt onto the avocado, it makes it a lot better.  As an FYI, mine never look like this.  I mostly just alternate bites of the avocado with scoops of cottage cheese out of the container.  Cuts down on dishes.

(image source: fitsugar)

2)  Apples/Bananas/Celery and Nut/Seed Butter.  I actually don't have this as much as I used to; it's not as easy to transport, so I tend to eat it when I'm at home during the day.  However it's delicious, filling, and super cheap.  All this coming from a kid who wouldn't eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (sorry mom!).  Definitely feel free to add a few other things to it, like chocolate chips (YUM) or raisins (ick). 

(photo source: the healthy apron)

3)  Cheese and Crackers.  I don't think this really requires a lot of explanation, but just keep it to 6-8 crackers and 3-4 pieces of cheese.  Much more than that you start moving to meal territory calorie wise.

In other news, I am entering a grilled cheese contest, so I need to start taste testing.  Please let me know if you have any winning combinations for this or if you'd like to come over and help me eat/make/test some delicious sandwiches. 

Have a delightful weekend!!

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