Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

There was the brief moment when my alarm went off that was magical.  It was the moment before I realized it was Monday.  Once I realized what was actually going on, things got a little sad again.  Oh well, I have a great meal plan to make your Monday better? 

I didn't end up making the Thai noodles last week, so those are for sure making an appearance this week.  Also, I have an ABSURD amount of greenery right now.  Like a giant box of 50/50 (mixed greens/spinach) and a medium box of arugula.  I think I was on some kind of green buying binge last time I went to the store?  Or I was preparing for the bunny?  So I'm going to do a lot of salads too, which is good; I need more green stuff in my life.

I went to was amazing
Probably Anna''s a problem
Unsure, probably salad with tuna on it. 

Salad, cheese toast, yogurt
Spicy Thai Noodles

Salad, leftover noodles
Homemade Pizza

Pizza and Salad
A different kind of salad and noodles

Whatever is left
Out/Leftovers/Take Out

I know, it's CRAZY boring, but I really need to eat some of this before it goes bad :( 

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