Sunday, March 10, 2013

Superb Sunday

Well it has been an adventureful weekend here; I test drove a few cars and have decided upon Lola's replacement.  Of course, she will always be in my heart, but the new one is amazing.  When I get it, I'll post pictures and then start taking applications for names.

Superb Style
I love this outfit, it's prefect for work, but would also be cute for going out or running errands.  I'd do a flat instead, because I'm not quite coordinated enough for heels all day.

Superb Comfort
Jalapeno Popper Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese!!!This is like all of my favorite junk foods together in one carb filled bowl of goodness.  You'll definitely need to do some serious gym time after this, but it appears worth it.

Superb Hilarious Truth
It's a fact.  If you see me running, you should probably start running too; something bad has happened.

Superb Sip
This strawberry rosemary sangria looks so cool and refreshing.  If the snow ever melts here, I'll be making this.

Superb Statement
I love Sesame Street and have since I was little little.  They have some pretty profound words of wisdom too.  This is up there with the day that 5 year old Amos told me that "friendship means being kind".

Superb Sweet
I've always loved lemon curd, but I've never tried to make it.  I think I'll make my first attempt here soon.

Superb Decor
I've been eyeing this painting for some time, I think it would look great in the kitchen over the stove.

Superb Soup
It's still soup season here in the great frozen tundra.  This Thai coconut curry soup has a few unusual ingredients, but that's just the spice of life.  Looks amazing.

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