Sunday, March 3, 2013

Superb Sunday

The most superb thing that has happened lately is that my parents came to visit.  But sadly I don't have any pictures of that :(  More on that laters.

Superb Shoe
I have these in green and they are amazing.  Super warm, not too clunky and heavy, and pretty cute (especially for duck boots).  They're on the pricey side, but they're probably going to last forever.

Superb Sip
I had these pink grapefruit margaritas at a Fourth of July party and they were delightful.  Cool and refreshing, but still packing a punch.  Take the extra few minutes to squeeze fresh lime juice; it's not as hard as it seems, but the flavor pay off is significant.

Superb Silly
You know you do it too.  Don't even try to lie to me.

Superb Decor
I just love this, and I'd really like to make one.  It appears to be a bit of a project, but not overwhelming.  If anyone sees a decent gumball machine for less than a bagillion dollars, please let me know.  It would look great by the kitchen window.

Superb Carb
My love of carbohydrates is well documented.  When I was a kid and first heard the word "vegetarian" I thought it meant you only eat vegetables.  I decided I wanted to be a breadatarian and I'm still working on it. This caramelized onion and spinach quick bread looks amazing, and since it has spinach in it, that makes it totally healthy.

Superb Sweet
I'm usually not huge on flavored cheesecakes; if you make it right, it's prefect on its own.  However, I LOVE peppermint and this looks amazing.  It would be great for Christmas, when pepperminty things are easier to find.

Superb Adorablness
The French language is amazing, and I wish that I was more language inclined and that I could speak it.

Superb Snack Attack
Buffalo chicken anything is one of the biggest reasons that I could never make the full switch to vegetarianism.  This buffalo egg rolls look amazing, not terribly complicated, and they are fairly low cal.

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