Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

Another weekend gone.  I swear, weekend days more a double the speed of weekdays!  I went grocery shopping yesterday and got a TON of stuff.  I was out of a lot of things that I don't buy very often, like olive oil and flour, so it seemed like a really big trip.  But sometimes you just gotta do that.  I didn't take a picture of the bags and such, but look at how healthy this fruit bowl looks.

I'm trying to eat more fruit and vegetables.  I lucked out at church yesterday and the couple who did coffee hour sent me home with the leftover vegetable platter.  I am very excited; I rarely eat broccoli or cauliflower raw, so I'm kind of excited to try it out at lunch today. 

The two "new" things I'm making this week are a Black Bean Polenta Burrito Bowl  from Edible Perspective.  I just found this blog and her pictures are BEAUTIFUL.  Just look at that, it makes me want to dive in.

This looks like a much healthier take on my beloved Chipotle.  Also, I can control the amount of "stuff" in it, which means more veggies if I want.  Or not. 

The other recipe is for Broccoli Parmesan Fritters from Smitten Kitchen.  This was actually one of the first food blogs I ever read, she has a ton of really good recipes in varying degrees of complexity. 

I've never had broccoli fritters, but I've made zucchini fritters before.  I imagine it's much the same.  I LOVED the zucchini ones, so I have high hopes for these.

Meal Plan!

Leftovers from last week
Polenta Black Bean Bowl

Veggies with dip, yogurt with fruit and granola, polenta black bean leftovers
Broccoli Fritters, something I haven't figured out yet (some pasta or something)

Veggies with dip/salad, yogurt etc, broccoli leftovers
Polenta leftovers

Veggies/salad, yogurt, whatever leftovers I haven't eaten yet
Eggs on toast and a smoothie

Leftovers/big salad with tuna or egg
Out/Take out/Whatever I scrounge up

Have a lovely Monday!!!

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