Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Standard Breakfast (well, the one I actually cook): Oatmeal

It is cold where I live, so very, very cold.  Not the whole year, but for several months of the year, I'm cold all the time.  We have an amazing spring and fall though, so it's worth it.  Since my favorite way to combat any kind of negativity in life is through food, I have done the same with the cold.  This has turned me on to the joys of oatmeal.  It's fast and easy to prepare, super cheap, and offers numerous health benefits.  Also, delicious.

If you are a follower of many food/healthy lifestyle blogs, you have probably seen about a thousand different recipes for oatmeal.  Many people have discovered a multitude of ways to make oatmeal, and I have tried a few of them.  However, today, at 6:45am (which has never been a time of day I enjoy being up for), basic oatmeal was the best I could do. 

Basic Oatmeal: 

3/4 Cup of Water
1/4 Cup of Milk
1/2 Cup of Oatmeal
Toppings (today I only did brown sugar and a bit of extra milk)

Overall, to make oatmeal, you use 1 cup of liquid for each cup of oats.  Feel free to play around with the amounts of different liquids that you use.  I think that 3/4 water and 1/4 milk is perfect; the milk adds some creaminess, but not too much.  Also, I have recently started buying local, glass bottle milk.  It's amazing and buying it makes me feel good, but it's more expensive.  And I am trying to save money for really important things, like shoes and beer. 

Add the liquid to a pot and put the pot over medium heat.  Then bring it up to a simmer. 

When the liquid is simmering, add in the 1/2 cup of oats. 

Allow the oats to cook for as long as it takes for them to reach your desired consistency.  I like mine a little thicker, so for me this is 5-8 minutes.  If you prefer more of an "oats soup", then it will be less time.  Remember, the oatmeal is actually cooking, so if you like it more soupy and let them cook for a shorter amount of time, the oats will be chewier. 

Add in your toppings and enjoy! 

I usually put mine into a travel mug so that I can eat it on the T.  Because I'm usually running out the door so I'm not late. 

Super simple and much better that those little packets.  Also, I don't even know how to make the packets; I tried once, I needed assistance. 

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