Thursday, February 28, 2013

Her Name Was Lola

Well, after 6 years, a million miles, a bunch of road trips, and a brief stint as a nanny-mobile (car seats sold separately), it appears that my beloved Civic, Lola, may no longer be with us.  Please join me in a moment of silence.

I'll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

Last night, at around midnight, I heard a commotion.  I was half asleep, so I was really just trying to ignore it.  But then Milton started barking and generally freaking out, so I grabbed my phone and very slowly began visualizing my best ninja moves and going out into the living room.  I realized it was the doorbell, but I didn't really want to go out there, because if I'm getting killed by an axe murderer, he's gonna have to work for it to come inside.  But, then my delightful neighbor went downstairs (his bell had been ringing) and knocked on the door to tell me the police where here.  Naturally, my first words to the officer were "I didn't do it, I swear".

Well, Officer Friendly told me that someone had hit my car.  I thought "some dude bumped me and scratched up the fender, but he's trying to be nice about it".  I was tragically wrong.  I went downstairs to check it out and was greeted with this:

So that's nice.  I talked to the cop and to the guy who hit me (who was really nice and obviously felt super bad) and Officer Friendly told me that I should call AAA and ask them to move it back so that the Jeep in front of me could move in the morning.  Since it was 1am, I thought that was a great idea, because I really didn't want to deal with figure out where to take it.  Here is where the real fun began.

AAA came quickly, so I figured I could go back to bed soon.  Not so.  The guy in the tow truck said that since my car was touching another car, he couldn't move it.  I told him that the police had already been here and that Office Friendly had told me it was fine and that I'd prefer to have AAA move it because I've already paid them, the city is going to charge me $150 for it.  But he was not to be swayed, and wouldn't move it.  So the tow truck left and I called the BPD back.  Officer Friendly came back (seriously, this guy was AMAZING), we called AAA again, and he waited with me for an hour and a half, until THE SAME F**IN TOW TRUCK came back.  With the cop there, he moved it.  And we discovered this

Rut row.  I haven't gotten to a body shop yet or spoken to my insurance, so I'm not sure if it's fixable or totaled.  But it looks bad, so we may be having a funeral for my sweet Lola soon.  Being from the south, I expect a plethora of casseroles. 

At the end of the day, this is definitely annoying, but it's not that big of a deal.  The important thing is that no one was hurt; it's just stuff, you can always get more stuff. 

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