Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinner at Comella's

As much as I love to cook, and firmly believe that food I make at home is better for me and often just better than restaurant food, I also love to go out for meals.  There's just something so nice about not having to do anything beyond point at something on a menu.  Everything else is magically taken care of, it's a beautiful thing.  So, because it was Friday, my friend and former roommate Liz (or as Milton calls her, Aunt Liz) and I went to Comella's in Chestnut Hill.

I first discovered Comella's when one of the families I babysit for brought home a $5 pizza.  A five dollar pizza.  And it's a large pizza, not like some scrawny personal pan nonsense.  Although I never get the pizza, I was definitely interested at that point.  It's a standard "fast casual" kind of place, with all the Italian favorites.  It's not in the same class as places in the North End, but it's affordable, tasty, and there's a parking lot at the one closest to me.

Here is what we ate!

Mozzarella sticks.  They were just as mozz sticks are supposed to be; greasy, stringy, cheesy, and served with a side of marinara.

Caesar salad.  It was ok.  Pretty basic, lettuce, croutons, parm cheese on the top.  The dressing was a little lackluster in my opinion, but I like really strong flavors.

Stuffed shells with "mess" on the top.  This was Liz's meal, but she's nice and let's me try things. The mess is a creation of Comella's, it's basically some stuff and some sauce.  It's a secret recipe.  I think this one had penne and eggplant.  It was delicious.

I had the chicken parm sandwich.  It's my favorite thing they have.  The key to a good chicken parm is a good sauce to bread/chicken ratio and thin crispy chicken.  This one has both.  I devoured it.

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